Caroline Cobb, Ph.D.

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Caroline Cobb, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Health Psychology Program in VCU's Department of Psychology and co-director of Project 3.

Dr. Cobb obtained her doctorate in experimental psychology in 2012 from VCU with a specialization in biopsychology. She then spent two years as the Ellen R. Gritz Post-Doctoral Fellow in Tobacco Control at the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies at Legacy (now Truth Initiative), a nonprofit organization in tobacco control and prevention.

Dr. Cobb’s program of research consists of several overlapping areas including clinical laboratory evaluation of tobacco products, population patterns of tobacco use and tobacco regulatory science. A primary focus has been investigating the influence of novel and/or alternative tobacco products such as waterpipes, little cigars/cigarillos and electronic cigarettes on individual and population health. Her past work involved applying clinical laboratory methods and survey-based analyses to understand the effects of waterpipe tobacco (hookah) smoking. Most recently, Dr. Cobb has focused on informing tobacco regulatory strategies concerning electronic cigarette advertising and the availability of electronic cigarette liquid flavors.

Her current and previous funding sources include the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, VCU Massey Cancer Center, Center for Tobacco Products of the US Food and Drug Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Cancer Institute.

        Caroline Cobb, Ph.D.

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